Blog Personal Pro – A New Release of version 1.0.1

Updates are essential for any products or services to function properly on a long route. We can’t compromise on any services with which our invaluable customers have to feel discontented. That’s why we come up with time to time updates. It contains not only workable, manifold features but also lots of improvisation in existing features. You can assuredly expect the perfect solution for the problem you previously faced.

Needless to say, we are with the bang on this time as well. It’s a great pleasure to share this with you that Blog Personal Pro is also now available with some engrossing changes. The new version, that means – Blog Personal Pro 1.0.1 is disclosed on August 20, 2020. You can now implement changes on your website as well. Don’t delay to examine it. Well, it’s simple to get it. You just have to do is: click on the Update now(you can see it on the top of your theme) of the Blog Personal Pro theme inside the Themes of the Appearance inside Dashboard. 

Let’s see a glimpse of what new changes are made on this update!


  • Added Keyboard Navigation. The keyboard navigation menu has been added recently in this theme. With which you can make functions on your site just by a click on the keyboard. You can also add a keyboard custom for your purpose.
  • Added Theme Demo Click Importer. This plugin lets you apply your demo content, widgets, and theme settings within a click.
  • Tested up to 5.5 Currently, WordPress brings out its new version 5.5 with some major changes. Our working team makes Blog Personal Pro 1.0.1 functions properly with the new features.
  • Replace the Instagram widget due to changes in API. Instagram devaluing basic permission of displaying photos from personal Instagram accounts to widgets for some security purposes. After that change, developers replaced the Instagram widget with the intention of not letting users jammed on into it until reaching up to the next step.
  • Changed the Screenshot and added a proper license for it. This theme fully followed the rules set by WordPress. Furthermore, we are using the demo contents while taking screenshots for the theme, and proper licensing is also done for it.
  • Fixed Theme Check plugin issue. After applying these changes you won’t face any issue with theme checking plugin. With this, you will know how feasible and optimized your theme is.
  • Added Pot file for translation. If you wanna make your site multilingual then this feature is worth making your dream comes true. After installing this update, ‘.POT file’ will appear in the theme language folder, which contains all the original texts. In which language you want to see that text, you can choose it there.


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