eCommerce Shop 2.0.2 – A Major Update

eCommerce Shop 2.0.2 is now available. After fixing issues found out on the previous version and elaborating on the theme with some new features, the theme404 team had released a new major update version for this theme on August 21, 2020. You may face some errors with the previous version. So, update your theme now without delay. 

This theme is tested for the latest version of WordPress – WordPress 5.5. And it is verified perfectly with no issues at all. If you are doing good in your online business, then undoubtedly there is even more good news for you. Our elegantly mesmerizing theme had also been tested for WooCommerce newest version – WooCommerce 4.4.1. We want to make sure that our valuable customers won’t have to face any problems with following effectual trends. And of course, to experience a good taste of worthwhile change.

Here we listed what we made changes on this version:

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.5: ECommerce Shop 2.0.2 finely works on the newly launched version of WordPress – 5.5.
  • Tested Woocommerce up to 4.4.1 There will be no problem with implementing new features added by WooCommerce for your perfect online shop.
  • Added Keyboard Navigation. Your site can easily be navigated using a keyboard. We have added shortcuts for mostly used functionalities on your website.
  • Fixed issue of demo importer. Afterward, you won’t face any problems with the demo importer. The perfect match of the demo with your content creates a big effect on your website visitors. And it works gently on this theme now.
  • Changed screenshot and proper license for the image used in the screenshot.
  • Added Proper format of license for third party libraries.


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