Clear WordPress Cache

How To Clear Your WordPress Cache?

A cache is the temporary storage of the data for quick access. Every time, when the user asks for the same data, he has to follow the same process. Which is time-consuming and also uses more resources. To repeat the whole process time and again, store it temporarily to make the responsive process fast.

Fix Broken Links in WordPress

How To Fix Broken Links in WordPress?

Generally, Broken Links means the link/URL that resulting in the error page. In another word, it is a dead link, that no longer works. You may face the situation that websites outbound links directing visitors to the non-existing pages. It can arise because of variant reasons.

How to add SEO friendly Title & Keywords to WordPress

How to add SEO friendly Title & Keywords to WordPress

We all know the importance of Search Engine Optimization and the role of Keywords to obtain higher traffic to our site. Today, we will be focusing on how to add SEO friendly titles and Keywords on our WordPress Site so that our content is ranked higher in popular search engines like Google.

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