eCommerce Shop Pro: A WordPress eCommerce Solution For All Your Requiremens!

Let’s start off with a simple question. Do you own a business, shop, or store where you sell merchandise, clothing or even electronics and pieces of jewelry? If the answer is yes, then have you started your business or eCommerce website yet? If the answer is no, then why not? Especially with the raving competitors in the marketplace, not owning an online store or platform to represent your business is a recipe for a loss. Not only are you missing out on effective promotion and advertisements, not owning a website will only make your users searching elsewhere. I mean, it’s the year 2018, the age of the internet and online shopping, so what are you waiting for?

Introducing eCommerce Shop Pro!

A versatile, flexible and multi-purpose eCommerce WordPress theme designed just for you! Designated and crafted especially to make things easier when starting an online shop, this theme is the perfect solution you are looking for! With features that are awe-inspiring and so effective, eCommerce Shop Pro is capable of taking your business exactly where you aim to! Complete with amazing sections to add your products, add details, pricing page and more, this Premium eCommerce WordPress theme is what you are looking for. But before we conclude why this theme is the ideal choice for you to get started with, let’s talk about the major feature it includes in detail.

Responsive Design

The first and foremost, let’s talk about the amazing responsiveness of the eCommerce WordPress Theme. It is designed in such a manner that it automatically adjusts to every device screen frame effortlessly. Whether your users prefer to use a laptop, computer, tablets or even mobile devices, the resolutions and the pixel perfect interface is always ready!

One Click Demo Import

Whether it is designing or adding important elements that match the theme design, it is a hassle if you have to come up with it all. So this amazing WordPress eCommerce theme comes with a range of demos that you can install. The installation features the one-click option and is accessible within a matter of minutes. This way, you do not have to waste your time and effort starting from a clean slate.

Sidebar Layout Options

Another visual element that usually affects the overall appearance is the sidebars and nav bar options. With eCommerce shop pro you do not need to worry about this. It comes with a range of customizing and styling options and variations that you can choose from. This ensures that each and every element that you are going for is upto your expectations.

Slider Options

To keep things interesting and appealing, this amazing theme also comes with the option to add creative Sliders. Whether you want to highlight certain products, promote your services or feature deals and offers, these are perfect to make it happen. Be as creative as you wish and make things appealing for your users with ease.

Cross Browser Compatible

eCommerce Shop Pro is also completely cross-browser compatible. This means that no matter which internet browser you prefer to use, this theme loads perfectly to fit all. This includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and even Internet Explorer.

Social Icons and Social Share

Branding and promoting is also made easier with the integration of most social networking sites. That’s right! If you wish to share any news, updates, any details or products, these attractive and easy to access social icons makes the process so much easier.

Font Option And Font Size

Now let’s talk about other customizing options available with eCommerce Shop Pro. WIth this fabulous themes, you can get over 100 of beautiful and stunning fonts and typography options. Whether you want to go bold, minimal, elegant these Google Fonts makes it happen. Additionally, you can even customize the font size according to your preference.

Advanced Color Option

Talking about customizing, this stunning theme can further be enhanced with the advanced. color options. You can choose from the unlimited color schemes and color palette that matches your need and requirements. This also ensures that the end result ends up looking unique and amazing, to say the least.

Custom Widget & Advance Widget Section Setting

Adding to all the useful features and efficiency, the eCommerce Shop pro also includes 11 custom widgets at your disposal. Each serves a specific and unique feature making sure each of your needs and requirements is taken care of. It even has the advanced widget section setting options that help you manage each section with ease. Add or remove any required widgets and make the ideal platform for your users. For a quick look into the widgets, here is the list of what you get with this premium theme package.

  1. ES: Best Seller
  2. Es: Client
  3. Es: Counter
  4. Es: CTA
  5. ES: Feature Product
  6. ES: Feature Slider
  7. ES: Follow Us
  8. ES: Product Slider
  9. ES:  Product Tab
  10. ES: Testimonial
  11. 11. ES: Trending

Page Templates

Apart from the tons of other customizing options and demo pages, this stunning eCommerce WordPress theme also has Page Templates included. This includes useful pages like Contact Page, FAQ, 404 Page and more. No need to start from scratch or look for alternatives, this template has got your back.

Reset All Setting

Now think of the changes you have made and if you are not happy with it, Don’t Worry! eCommerce Shop pro also has the options to Reset All Setting. Think of it as a factory reset button on your phone but for your website. With a click of a button, everything will be back to what it was before!

Best support

Last but not the least, let’s talk about the theme support! It is excellent and dedicated so that any of your queries are answered. Although it is already well-documented it provides additional support if need be. So we can assure you that if you ever come across any issues, you will not be waiting for your response for long!


With all of the stunning range of feature this eCommerce WordPress theme provides, this is certainly one of the best choices you can opt for. It is safe to say that once you choose to start with this theme, you surely would not want more! Completely responsive and with a pixel-perfect design, it showcases your products and merchandises in such a way that your users cannot deny! Grow your sales, promote your business, improve your branding, the possibilities are endless! And if you are in doubt about investing, here is the Free version of the theme that you can try out first. But we can say this, once you try it our, you will be back for more! So start your journey today, only with eCommerce Shop Pro!

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