WordPress 5.7 “Esperanza” Major Update

The WordPress core team has released the newest version i.e. WordPress 5.7 as of 9th March 2021. Continuing the previous trend, the newest version is named “Esperanza”, which is named in honor of Esperanza Spalding, a modern musical prodigy. It is the first of the three releases planned for this year.

Let’s explore what we will get to see new in WordPress 5.7:

A single click to migrate HTTP into HTTPS

From now on, switching your site from HTTP to HTTPS is just a click away. After you make a switch, WordPress will automatically update database URLs.

Newly added Robots API

New Robots API allows the filter directives in the robots meta tag. Likely the API comprises the max-image-preview: large directive to show bigger image preview in search engines by default.

Lazyload for iframes

Henceforth, WordPress will add a loading=”lazy” attribute to iframe tags while both width and height are defined.

New default color palette

The simpler new color palette in the default WordPress Dashboard makes it easy to build components your users can read. It collapses the seven core colors and a range of 56 shades format against white or black.

Ongoing cleanup after jQuery 3.5.1

After the update of jQuery to 3.5.1, jQuery gets more focused and less intrusive in WordPress 5.7, with fewer messages in the console.

There are also new changes made in some functions which you can’t do without getting into code or hiring a pro. Here are they:

Font size adjustments in List and Code blocks

Now, no more trekking to other screens to make a single change in List and Code blocks. Because the Font-size controls are where you want them.

Full-height alignment in blocks

Use full-height alignment to make your cover block impressive and of full height and full width.

  • You can now add drag blocks and block patterns right into your post from inserter, using the Inserter drag-and-drop feature.
  • Because of the several enhancements, reusable blocks are now stable and easier to use. On pressing the update button, they save automatically with the post.
  • Social media icons block: The size of social media icons can be changed.
  • You can now select where horizontal or vertical layout to use. And the width of the button can be set to a preset percentage.