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Web App : An Awesome WordPress Free Theme!

WordPress powers one-third of the total websites in the world today. This stat is more than enough evidence of how powerful and trustworthy WordPress actually is. With a community so large and benefits so many, WordPress can be your to-go site building package option. There are uncountable themes customized for different web needs such as E-Commerce, personal blogs, recipe page, product branding even wedding websites. The theme we introduce here is solely customized to boost your online business influence. We are very proud to announce our very own – “Web App – Free Version”.

A good WordPress theme is the one that presents itself beautifully in both pro and free versions. Web App- Free Version is one of those web themes that looks equally elegant and attractive in both the versions. The best business presence is online presence these days. Imagine having to wait another day to contact the company of your choice just because they’re closed for the day, or wanting to view the products but the customer service is only available during ‘office hours’ but their office hours are your office hours too. Hence, online presence for any company is more a necessity than a way to stand out.

A business with good online presence not only attracts more customers but also widens it’s the potential customer base. In addition to that, with right amount of information displayed the right way, it can also sustain it’s existing customers. Web App is a WordPress theme is discretely designed for this purpose. It gives your customers what they want along with easy-to-use content management system (CMS) for the site operators and administrators. This could be “the” full-packaged, anti-loss, layman-friendly theme to power up your business.

Having described Web App Free version theme, let’s jump right into it’s juicy features. Needless to say there are many, but let’s focus on the primary features:

  1. Carousel Slider Option
  2. Fully Customizer Based
  3. One Click Demo Import
  4. Responsive Design
  5. Cross Browser Compatible
  6. Page Templates
  7. SEO Optimized

Carousel Slider Option

Most of the websites use slider (carousel) to feature important contents. Slider provides information display in a visually appealing manner. Some sliders also come with breathtaking animations and transitions. Web App allows you modify your slider as per your business needs and is sure to get your customers hooked, may it be for a few seconds. It’s properties like these that make up a good website and we’re not kidding when we say Web App is one of the best!

Fully Customizer Based

When any theme claims to be fully customizer based, it means any part of the website can be modified, deleted and added as needed. Web App offer fully customizer based website. Hence you can add and remove anything you want. It is like making up your own site without having to do anything more than a couple clicks. Do what you need to beautify your site, Web App got your back.

One Click Demo Import

Let’s imagine you see a very alluring theme and want to try it out in your website. But you can’t do it without a technical mind. This could be infuriating at times. But worry no more. Web App has a ‘One Click Demo Import’ functionality which means you can import everything in a theme to your site giving a display of your website in theme of your choice. Use it or not, but you can view a demo of your site in the chosen theme. Either way, the surplus remains in your side.

Responsive Design

Prior to moving on, take a moment to analyze where you spend the most of your screen time. Most people never even touch the big screens like laptops and desktops as most of the surfing is done through phones and tablets. Complementing them are the big screen viewers like smart TV and other high-end devices. A good website responds well to all devices irrespective of screen size. Web App looks awesome everywhere from mobile phones to smart TV. You don’t have to take our word for it, check it for yourself.

Cross Browser Compatible

As much as responsive designs are necessary, equally important is Cross Browser compatibility. It means a website should look same in all the browser irrespective of the operating system, software versions or devices. Web App is cross browser compatible so you don’t have to worry about anyone not being able to view your website because of incompatible devices. With Web App, there are no incompatible devices.

Page Templates: Web App is not just the homepage that you see. It is a full package of all the pages you will need. The details page, the error page, login page and much more. There are no page restrictions giving you one less problem to worry about on the sub-pages.

SEO Optimized

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website determines how your website will be ranked by search engines like Google and Bing (DuckDuckGo too, if you prefer private browsing). Search Engines are one of the major entry gates for people to visit your website hence keeping your SEO is the best way to attract more viewers. Web App dynamically updates your SEO helping you improve your SEO ranking with every post you make. Again, one less problem to worry about!

The features we discussed above are the key features of Web App Free version, but there are more reasons for you to use it:

  • Translation Ready
  • Available Banner Options
  • Home Page Section
  • Web Layout
  • Sidebar Layout option
  • Read More test options
  • Many More…..

Everything you’d need in a website, Web App has got you covered. And it’s free! Your day couldn’t get any better. Try Web App theme in your website Now! For similar WordPress themes, do visit our store. We have more exciting and free themes waiting to serve you.


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