Major Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Use Nulled WordPress Themes

Are you the one who has been working as a WordPress Developer for a long time? If yes, you must hear about Free and Premium WordPress Themes and Plugins. Premium Themes are costly and Free Themes, People want plenty of features. Hence, many users go for Nulled WordPress Themes.

Nulled Themes are pirated copies of Premium Themes that are sold illegally at a lower cost or free. These are from third-party websites instead of the original author.

A large number of people are downloading nulled themes for their websites because they think they are getting premium themes for free. But, actually, they are allowing backdoor to the hackers.

Here are some specific reasons to not use nulled themes for your WordPress site.

Privacy and Security issues

Many sites are getting hacked because of using nulled themes and plugins.

So, try not to use them. They are extremely dangerous for the security of your WordPress website. These themes have backdoors, and when you use them, the hackers can easily enter from the backdoor to infect the website.

It is due to the reason that the providers of nulled themes hack the original premium theme using nasty and malicious coding. They can access your website even without your knowledge. They can also redirect your site into spam links, push unnecessary ads to your site or completely freeze your site to demand a ransom.

Hence, avoiding the use of nulled WordPress themes can keep your site secure from unusual access.

Legal issues

Nulled themes are stolen from the original authority. Maybe some codes in it are open-source but some can be claimed copyrights. Which are illegal to use because you don’t have the privilege to use this code and therefore, there’s a chance of legal action against you.

It also results in data theft/loss. All of those leading to the legal proceedings where you’ve to pay a massive chunk of money to lawyers because of using illegal materials. Maybe, you didn’t invest that much in your business.

No Updates Available

WordPress versions are regularly updated to improve security and services. Themes and Plugins also need to be updated from time to time. Without having a license key, no regular updates are available. 

It stops you from fixing the bugs, enhancing the performance, and adding new features to your websites. Which reduces your sites’ performance and creates more loopholes. As well as you will be far away from new features in WordPress that could actually help you attract more traffic or make more money.

Affects SEO of your Website

SEO is very important to get the best rank on the internet. As mentioned above, nulled themes contain spam links and malicious code, which create some fluctuations in the SEO ranking of your website. It reduces the readability of the site, resulting in a poor user experience.

When you log in to your WordPress Website, you will not redirect. Therefore, you will always feel that my site is safe. However, search engines can notice that change and therefore, it will chastise your website which will affect your business revenue. Therefore, not using nulled themes and plugins is a great option.

No Supports and Documentation Available

There is no one responsible for the Nulled Themes. So, you won’t get support from the service providers in case you face any issues with the theme. Nulled themes will provide you with all the features that you get with any Premium theme, but they can’t deliver the benefits that a genuine customer gets.

When buying Premium Themes, you pay for the license (GPL). Any developer puts in a lot of hard work and effort to make any premium theme and their ultimate aim is to solve the burning issue of the customers. So, they deserved some amount in return and the nulled theme won’t make your life more comfortable as well. Genuinely, It is better to avoid using Nulled Themes.

Discourage Innovation

Someone’s hard work and dedication have achieved awesome themes with myriad features. Developers invest their time and money for it. They also need to have a website, create documentation, design, assign people to support the users, and do a lot more for a successful theme. Using nulled themes taking away the money from the developers which they thoroughly deserved.

It will discourage such innovative developers from building such creative themes.

Summing Up:

If you have a problem buying expensive Premium themes, then you can choose the free themes or go through some cheaper premium themes. The use of nulled themes is a major risk to the reputation of your website and business. So, avoid using nulled themes. Because security, privacy & performances are more important than the cost of Premium Themes.