How to add SEO friendly Title & Keywords to WordPress

How to add SEO friendly Title & Keywords to WordPress

We all know the importance of Search Engine Optimization and the role of Keywords to obtain higher traffic to our site. Today, we will be focusing on how to add SEO friendly titles and Keywords on our WordPress Site so that our content is ranked higher in popular search engines like Google.

Google uses a number of algorithms to determine which results to place on the top or show on the first page of the search list. If we use the words that are being used in search queries inside our Web Content such as Pages and Blogs, there is a high probability of getting that blog or page on the first page of the Search List. Those words are called Focus Keywords. Not only on Web Content but Keywords are also crucial for SEO friendly title tags as well, therefore we must take care of multiple factors on choosing those Keywords.

One of the most widely used techniques before choosing the title and writing the blog is Keyword Research. We must ensure that the digital contents we are writing are being searched by a mass volume of audience, for that, we could use simple tools like wordtracker, kwfinder, keywordtool, etc. The more the search the more is the chance of getting audiences to your site. The second tip for SEO friendly titles is to place Keywords on your Title and also Optimize the title at the end based on the web content you have just written since Contents is the King for SEO nowadays. Also, you can use multiple keywords While creating an SEO friendly title and writing your blogs. However, make sure to distinguish them as Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Keywords so on and so forth and write the content accordingly. As a personal tip, I won’t suggest using more than three Keywords on single Web Content as things might get wrong and you won’t be getting the expected results.

As can be seen, we must choose a suitable title for the content by searching for the keywords and placing those keywords on the title. The title must be short, precise, readable, and understandable to all. After writing the Blog or other content using our keywords multiple times in the content itself, we must wrap up our blog optimizing the title.


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