Web App WordPress Theme 1.0.7 Released

Websites are the way to represent your significant ideas online. Everyone expects to get an excellent theme for their site either if they have large organizations or small businesses, or maybe the personal blogs/websites. After getting the perfect theme, it would be the best surprise for the users seeing the regular updates and supports from that theme. It grows the affection of customers towards your theme and connects them with you for the long term.

Updates are quite useful as well as essential for any product. Each time a new version rolls out, the excitement of playing with the new features is at the next level. As we can see the craze of using WordPress is gradually increasing, so it is indispensable to follow that standard with splendid features. Naturally, people always want to stay away from the source of problems. Your customers also have a hope of getting the permanent solution of any existing problems and some major or significant changes added for sure.

We have launched the new version of Web App Theme on 27th July 2020. The newest version of WebApp i.e. 1.0.7 is pretty incremental with some of the major changes.

In this version, the keyboard navigation feature is added to navigate your whole site using the keyboard. Keyboard Navigation is a well-used plugin in many popular WordPress sites. This is the easiest and fastest way to traverse through your website. Here are some other meaningful changes that make it a very interesting upgrade:

  • Fixed the issue of Theme Check Plugin. The theme check plugin runs all the automated testing tools on your theme that WordPress.org uses for theme submissions to make sure that the theme supports the latest WordPress theme standards and practices.
  • Added Demo Import plugin. This feature is to import themes Quickly to get the appearance of live demo content, widgets, and settings. It gives you a basic layout to build your website and the starting point to speed up your development process.
  • Fixed escaping and translation issue. Escaping helps to make your data secure and prevents the unwanted rendering of outputting data. To filter your input data, and especially save your site from cross-site scripting attacks, this change is made. Similarly, to make your site native for different localities, the translation mechanism is improved.
  • Added wp_body_open() function. In this new version a new function wp_body_open() is added to trigger the wp_body_open action. This allows people to add things like a <script> tag directly inside the body of a page.