eCommerce Shop Pro 1.0.2 Live Now

This new version of the theme eCommerce Shop Pro is bringing improvements on some essential factors of your sites: previous issues, the security of your site, proper licensing, feasibility.

eCommerce Shop Pro 1.0.1 features a bug on the demo importer, so it’s recommended you update to the latest version. If you haven’t noticed about the update, go and get it now that fix the issues for you.

For better performance, security, and search of your website, the WordPress team brings out the new version 5.5. Concerning that update, theme developers make this version works smoothly with all of the new and virtuous changes.

You can also adopt the updates done on WooCommerce’s latest version 4.4.1 fearlessly on your website. It is tested up to no bugs or issues at the time of the version release.

Moreover, to make your user’s work done really fast, keyboard navigation is added for basics and frequently used functions. It can make a good impact on your site visitors as well.

The complete format of licensing has been done for the screenshot image and permission to use third-party libraries. Since the problem on the demo importer was resolved, you can try out your favorite demo to check how it looks for your dream site.

Highlights of the eCommerce Shop Pro – 1.0.2 updates are:

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.5.
  • Tested Woocommerce up to 4.4.1
  • Added Keyboard Navigation.
  • Fixed issue of demo importer.
  • Changed screenshot and proper license for the image used in the screenshot.
  • Added Proper format of license for third party libraries.

With the speedy flourishment of WordPress Community and users, lots of changes occur frequently. To catch out on the speed of growth, regular updates on themes are essential. Along with that, focusing on your viability, the developing team always works on resolving them if any problems arise. So, keep connecting with us for better work together!