Web App 1.0.8 Free Version

We are with the great news of major updates of our theme Web App. The newest version is 1.0.8 and released on 1st Sep 2020.

Updating themes can be the tipping point of your business. After all, changing something in the theme can change the whole outlook of your website. Keeping everything Up-to-date is a good idea from the security point of view as well.

Dear Customers, if you are not aware of this update then you are some steps behind your competitors. So, get this update at the moment without any delay.

The highlight of some accents you can see in Web App 1.0.8

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.5. WordPress 5.5 is a big leap towards speed, security, and SEO of your websites. Web App is functionally tested for every function of WordPress 5.5. So, you won’t regret choosing us.
  • Added Keyboard Navigation. It feels awesome on implementing functionalities with keyboards. We make it happen for you in this version. You can reach all controls and links using a keyboard. Any action you can complete with a mouse can now be done with the help of a keyboard.
  • Added Proper format of license for third party libraries. Your work will be valued if you are using authorized resources. More than that third-party libraries (such as script libraries, format for content, etc.) are most useful to support many awesome features into your theme. We had added a proper format of the license to assure no problem with using those resources.
  • Added Gutenberg Comparabilities. Gutenberg is the latest, amazing, and mostly liked WordPress editor. And, how can we let you miss the chance of exploring stupendous things?
  • Added Elementor Comparabilities. Due to its flexibility and easiness, lots of freshers and professional users love to work with the Elementor Editor. Undoubtedly, Web App is compatible with its latest version.