Web App Pro 1.0.3 – Launched With Awesome Features

Web App Pro 1.0.3 is out with the noticeable changes and admirable features added to it. This is the first major update of the theme on this year 2020, and has been released on 2nd September.

To meet the needs of users with the varying environment, we have been testing this version of Web App Pro up to the newest WordPress version 5.5. After updating your theme you can get your website compatible with all of the new features and changes brought by the WordPress core team.

We are used to seeing some gripping features on every update. Web App Pro 1.0.3 is not an exception! To make your most favorite actions easier on the website, we come out with the keyboard navigation feature added to our theme. It will facilitate your site visitors on getting their required results at a very moment. They can add custom navigation options as well.

These days, we can see people getting excited to examine new changes with block editors. Even the WordPress team brings out many additions to the block editor not only in 5.5 but also on each release. We don’t let our valuable customers back out on any race.

Well, Some changes added on this version of Web App Pro are listed below:

  • Added Gutenberg Comparabilities.
  • Added Elementor Comparabilities.

Web App Pro release with the assurity of supporting the user’s favorite and well-functioning editors.

After getting this theme, to prearrange a perfect look to your website, we have the Demo Importer. We have multiple demos available that are suitable for your personal or business sites. Before making it live, you can check whether it is suitable and feasible for your site or not. And it can be possible with a demo importer.

There are many themes available in the store either free or paid with several functionalities to prepare an impressive site without more efforts of yours. However, you can simply apply it, all themes may not be good to use with the view of security and speed of your website.

The purpose behind adding a theme check plugin is to make you easy on testing your theme for all the latest WordPress standards and practices. In this update, all of the previously occurred issues have been resolved.

Another elevating feature of this update is:

  • We have added the Proper format of license for third party libraries.

After you start working with us, you will believe us. Ahead of that, let you know we are focused on standards and legitimate criteria to make a multi-functioned irresistible website of our users.