Minimal Business Pro – An Updated Version

Hello folks, we are here to acknowledge WordPress enthusiasts about the release of the September version of our elegant theme Minimal Business Pro. The update is released on the 7th of September. We can also say that it is the major update of this theme in the year 2020 to date.

Since many popular and large business organizations started choosing WordPress for their websites, WordPress core team brings out time to time changes and updates. So do we. It results in more fast, secure, and top-ranked sites on the web. Even we test our new versions to the latest version of WordPress before releasing our updates. Minimal Business Pro 1.0.4 is also released succeeding in full functional testing with WordPress 5.5.

We are trying to make everything as simple as possible. With this update, you will facilitate importing data (posts, pages, images, settings,..) just in a click. The demo file allows you to quickly edit everything instead of doing it from scratch.

Rather than doing several operations to get a function work out, we choose a keyboard navigation menu. It makes your work done in a very short interval of time. Furthermore, you can custom set up your favorable menus for highly searching options on websites. Inside a theme, we need to use various third-party libraries for some operations. To make those use valid as well as standard, the developing team followed a proper format of licensing for those libraries.

Likewise, to clear out our customers about the theme and features inside it, we decided to add screenshots for each. All images using on the screenshot are within the rules specified by the WordPress core team.

Along with adding new features, there are some changes made on the previous files. Give a look on the list below:

  • Fixed Theme Check’s issue. The bug on the theme checking plugin is resolved in this version. You can now test your theme for all WordPress standards and practices in a simple and easy way.
  • Remove unwanted code and unnecessary files and folders. How fast your website is performing is also based on how optimized your code is. Similarly, having unnecessary files and folders also affects a website’s performance as it occupies more space on the user’s device. To totally discard those issues, we minimally optimized our latest version.