Multipurpose WordPress Premium Theme, Power Magazine Pro 1.0.5 is released

Editor’s note: Power Magazine Pro is a clean, versatile, & a dynamic Wordpress theme that can be used on any kind of Wordpress site. Check out what has been updated and improved in its newest version. If you wish to have a similar theme, but with a personal touch, hire Wordpress experts. They will set it up for you to your taste.

We are here to acknowledge you about the release of multiple features on one of the sparkling themes – Power Magazine Pro. The currently updated version is 1.0.5 released on September 9, 2020. After some minor changes before, this one is the major update for this theme in 2020. In which, pre-existed bugs are resolved, some new, interesting features are added, and some standards are followed.

This latest version theme has been tested successfully with the newest WordPress 5.5. That has been improvised on the aspect of security, speed, and SEO ranking. Go and get the updated version of Power Magazine Pro for such amazing changes for your websites.

After updating your theme, you will see the navigation menus option from where you can get functions done on your site just with the help of the keyboard. Either you can get facilitated with pre-set keyboards or you can simply add your favorite keyboards for respective operations custom.

Developers also added the Demo Importer option on this update with the intention of making things easier for valuable customers. Using a demo importer you can implement standard content to get the great performance of the theme, with less effort.

The more your site is feasible for international users, the more possibility that you experience victory. So, to make the theme multilingual, a POT file is added to it. To get the translation of any language, you can edit the POT file with the message you want to change on it.

There is no further issue with the ‘Theme Check Plugin’. You can now make sure that you are using a minimally optimized theme consisting of myriad features.

Along with this, you can see the effort from the core team on following standards and authorities.

  • Screenshots used in the theme demo and documentation are now as of the rule set by the WordPress core team and proper licensing is also done for the image used in it.
  • We have added the proper format of license for third party libraries as well.