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Introducing Real Estater: An Effective Way to Broaden Your Real Estate Business!

With everything that has come to rise, there is no surprise that every sector of business has also developed over the years. There have been massive changes and of course, the online platform has a major part to play. And when it comes to one of the fastest growing business sector: Real Estate, there is a lot of competitions. It is a massively populated and high rising business and that is exactly why you need to stand out from the rest. That’s right, if you own a real estate agency or if you are a broker yourself, it’s time to step up the game!

Gone are the days, where you could simply promote yourself the old fashioned way to get results.If you want to stand anywhere near the competition in this competitive environment, then what you require a professional and standard quality online website. That’s right! There is no doubt that owning a site to promote your business or your services is one of the major points to keep in mind. And this is where Theme 404 come into play!

With premium quality and feature-rich WordPress themes for your WordPress websites, we have been in the long-run. Yes, trusted by thousands all over the world, you can trust us blindfolded for a great online WordPress experience. And today, we wanted to introduce our very own amazing WordPress real-estate theme: Real Estater.

Introducing Real Estater: An Effective Way to Broaden Your Real Estate Business!

Real Estater is a premium WordPress real estate theme that we have developed with the sole purpose of providing our users with the option to create a professional level website with ease. Crafted and designed with the cut-throat competitions in mind, this template is the complete package of what you require. The design is sleek, modern and of course unique to make sure your site stands out from the crowd. In addition to this, the template is paced with amazing elements and components that lets the user easily aim and get the optimum results they are hoping for. Compared to most of the other themes, we at Theme 404 have indulged ourselves in inquiring and getting the proper information to craft the perfect end result.

That’s right, we have made sure that we have covered each and every aspect you might expect from a premium theme and more. Not only is it visually advanced, Real Estater is also developed with tons of attention to the small details. And if you are one looking to start a website entirely on your own without professional help, then this WordPress real estate template is the right choice! It is completely user-friendly and easy to work with. Giving you the flexibility and the options to customize it to your preference, this template is the right start to your successful business endeavours. But before we come up with the conclusion, let’s talk in brief about why this WordPress real estate theme is the right choice?

Key Features of the WordPress theme: Real Estater

Fully Responsive and Customizer Based Layout Structure:

Real Estater is a fully customizer based theme which means that the users have the full control over what the site will end up looking like. That’s right, from the fonts to the layout structure to the placements of elements, it is up to you to choose. It gives the user the ease of using and customizing the theme. And the best part is that because it gives you the full control, you can end up with a unique concept each time you edit or modify. Additionally, the stunningly modern and sophisticated outlook of the template is designed to be readily responsive. Thus, no matter which device screen your site loads from, it still looks visually impactful.

Highly Configurable HomePage With Section Variations

As we have mentioned before, this template gives the user the full control over the customizing and modifying settings. This includes the HomePage that the users land on. Each and every element can be placed according to your preference and strategically for optimum result.

Talking about the HomePages, you also get tons of variations for sections that you can include with ease. There are a total of 11 different sections that you can choose from for a better result. For a hint of creativeness, you can include Sliders, Carousels and more. Make it appealing and striking to make sure that it leaves a lasting impression on anyone who visits with this awesome WordPress real-estate theme!

Advanced Color Options

When it comes to optimizing and customizing, we have left no stones unturned. That’s right, the users also have the options to choose from an amazing range of primary and secondary color options. That’s right, you can easily match your site’s logo or choose a combo that you best prefer. We have said this outright over and again, but the impression you make is of major importance. So make sure that when your users land, they get a great impression of you and your services.

Carousel and Slider Options

One of the major parts of an effective and functional real-estate website is surely the option to display the properties you are dealing with. That’s right, whether you are a broker, or a real estate agent or own an agency, it is of utmost importance that your users know what you deal with. With Real Estater, you have the advanced options to add creative Carousels and Sliders. That’s right, it is extremely easy to display your media files within a matter of minutes for your users to see. Additionally, you can even add details and information for each media file or image you upload. Get the optimal results at your disposal only with this premium WordPress real-estate website template!

Header Style Configuration Options

When it comes to any Home Page the obvious thing that any user notices are the header. Whether to navigate to other pages or simply to go through the contents of a site, the Header is surely one of the important elements. With Real Estater, even the Header is fully configurable. Customize it however you wish to either match the overall website theme, add pages, custom menus and more. You also get a range of Header Styles to choose from.

One Click Demo Import

One of the major features we would like to highlight is the option for One-Click Demo Import. No need to spend your endless time and effort trying to come up with a unique concept entirely from scratch. Simply import our ready-to-use demo for your use and customize it however you want. Implementing and coming up with a perfect end result has never been easier.

Contact Page Template

When it comes to any business deals and endeavors building a contact list of loyal users and followers is a must. That’s right! So with Real Estater, the amazing WordPress real estate theme, you get a ready-to-use Contact Page Template so you don’t have to. Simply put in your details in an effective and impressive manner to stay in touch with all your users who want to stay connected!


While we have highlighted some of the major features in detail, that’s not all. Here is a look into what more you get with the premium WordPress real-estate theme package.

  • Showcase options for Team, Testimonial, and Counter.
  • Read More Text Option.
  • Option to disable Footer Copyright text.
  • Dynamic SideBars Option.
  • Custom logo upload.
  • Advanced Typography options.
  • Social Icons for easy social sharing.
  • Sidebar layout option.
  • Background color or Image option.
  • Cross-browser compatible.
  • Advanced Search menu available.
  • Custom Widgets available.


To say the least, Real Estater is the perfect WordPress real estate theme that is sure to take your site to the next level. Packed with all the features and elements designed specifically with the aim to promote your real estate business, it is targeted to get you remarkable results. So why not get your hands on this awesome theme today and make your work and your business count. Make sure you never fall out behind only with Real Estater!


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