Gooten vs Printful: Which Is Better?

Print-on-demand services have changed the face of eCommerce, giving entrepreneurs and creators a way to bring their ideas to life without having to carry an inventory.

Two key platforms in this industry are Gooten and Printful, each offering distinct advantages that can be tailored to specific needs.

To decide which is best for your business requires examining both: Gooten vs Printful – what’s better? Let’s take a closer look at them side by side.

Short Summary

  • Gooten and Printful are two popular print-on-demand services, each with a distinct business model impacting their product catalogs, shipping costs and more.

  • Gooten offers a wide range of products for integration into eCommerce platforms while Printful provides an all-inclusive solution with higher cost but increased reliability in quality.

  • Both offer comprehensive customer support including live chat, email & phone support plus helpful resources to guide customers through the process.

Gooten vs Printful: Core Differences

An online store using print on demand services

Comparing print-on-demand services involves understanding the divergence in their business models. Gooten and Printful, while both offering excellent quality printing facilities, vary greatly in terms of how they operate.

This directly affects features such as product catalogue, shipping expenses and most importantly, print excellence.

Explore these differences so that you can make an informed decision regarding which service to choose for your needs.

Let’s dig a little deeper into each one’s unique offerings! Their individual characteristics all have an impact on deciding what’s best suited to your particular project or requirement.

Gooten’s Business Model

Gooten is a facilitator in the print on demand business, joining together sellers and an extensive network of printing providers.

This system offers competitive pricing due to having a broad selection of products. It presents certain issues such as inconsistent quality with outsourced production.

Orders from overseas are likely to arrive at various times because they must be shipped internationally.

Despite those difficulties though, Gooten’s array of printers present buyers access to diverse product choices that all have distinct advantages for customers looking for something particular.

Printful’s Business Model

For those seeking the utmost reliability and quality in their print-on-demand businesses, Printful provides a unique solution.

Instead of relying on outside sources for production process management, they have developed an all encompassing system that oversees everything internally.

This ensures top notch consistency across all products as well as other related services such as warehousing, though with higher costs than using external companies for these tasks individually.

Despite this disadvantage compared to outsourcing certain parts of the operation separately, many prefer opting into one package provided by Printful because it makes managing operations more convenient while simultaneously promising high standards in terms of print quality.

Product Catalog Comparison

A product catalog comparison between Gooten and Printful

When it comes to the product catalog of both Gooten and Printful, there is a vast selection of templates on offer.

There are some major distinctions between these two platforms which can affect how your business operates – if you intend to make sales for items such as wall art, t-shirts or phone cases, then what products are provided by each platform becomes paramount in choosing the one that best suits your needs.

Gooten offers an extensive range including apparel pieces plus home décor options with customizability available across all offerings while with Printful, more limited choices exist but buyers may find something better suited depending on their individual circumstance.

Gooten’s Product Catalog

Gooten’s product collection is full of different products, not as numerous as Printful, but still wide-ranging.

It contains apparel for both men and women, along with items from home & living categories such as wall art decorations, accessories like pet gadgets and baby objects, coffee mugs and stationery pieces.

This extensive selection permits you to reach a broad demographic group that has unique tastes or needs in terms of their lifestyle preferences.

Printful’s Product Catalog

Printful provides a much larger choice of product categories, with over 200 personalized items to be sold on your online store.

As consumers are looking for solutions that meet their unique needs, Printful’s extensive range enables vendors to reach out and appeal to many different target audiences.

With the diverse selection it offers, you can expand into various niches, giving customers more options than ever before.

Printing Techniques and Quality

A comparison of printing techniques and quality between Gooten and Printful

For print on demand companies, the techniques used for printing can influence the quality of the final results.

Both Gooten and Printful employ different approaches to their printing methods which result in variations regarding durability and quality.

Cost-effectiveness is one factor when it comes to digital prints from Gooten while other print on demand services may offer a slightly higher level of endurance with different processes employed by them.

All are designed so that customers get the desired products, but there remain subtle differences between each method applied by various vendors within this industry sector.

Gooten’s Printing Techniques

Gooten employs a variety of printing technologies, including DTG, DTF, dye-sublimation, woven technique embroidery and foil. This enables many customization options.

Yet it can cause fluctuations in the print quality when several techniques are mixed within orders.

To address this issue and make sure each product is up to standard, Gooten has implemented Quality Assurance (QA). By doing so they guarantee consistency regarding the print quality for every item purchased by customers.

Printful’s Printing Techniques

Printful, a trusted printing business known for their excellent print quality, utilizes multiple strategies such as screen and embroidery to give sellers more creative freedom. They also use sublimation specifically for all-over print shirts.

For even better direct-to-garment results, they employ the Kornit Avalanche Poly Pro printer, which is considered state of the art technology in this field.

Pricing and Profit Margins

A comparison of pricing and profit margins between Gooten and Printful

Cost is an important thing to consider when selecting a print-on-demand service. Not only does it affect what you’ll pay, but also your profit potential.

Gooten and Printful both have their own pricing models that can make or break your profitability in different ways.

Evaluating these carefully should be part of the decision process before settling on any particular platform for printing products on demand.

Gooten’s Pricing

A comparison chart image showing the pricing of Gooten and Printful, highlighting why Gooten vs Printful which is better for your business.

Gooten is built around a pay-per-order model and offers reduced rates for Pro and Elite VIM merchants. Taking advantage of its outsourced production, the company can provide highly competitive pricing, enabling you to potentially make more money on each sale.

It should be highlighted that Gooten does not provide any special discounts related to sample products in particular.

Printful’s Pricing

Printful’s production is pricier than other services, but it includes more features like warehousing and branding assistance, which can benefit your company.

Printful grants a 20% discount on sample products – an extra bonus! All in all, the print provider offers ample opportunities to grow one’s business that are worth considering.

Shipping and Delivery

A comparison of shipping and delivery between Gooten and Printful

When it comes to the eCommerce sector, shipping and delivery are key components. Customer satisfaction can be heavily impacted by expenses for shipment, rate of arrival, as well as reliability when sending items out.

Here is a comparison between Gooten and Printful’s strategies regarding this important factor.

The cost of dispatch is an area where both companies put emphasis on efficiency, providing affordable options that still guarantee quality service with timely deliveries for customers around the world. They aim to ensure that quality of life is ensured.

Gooten Shipping

Gooten provides several shipping choices, such as standard delivery within the USA and also faster services like overnight and expedited. For international orders it is expected to take 1-3 weeks for arrival.

Keep in mind that Gooten does not join multiple items from different suppliers if ordered at once – meaning you might end up with numerous packages arriving separately instead of one package containing all products together.

Printful Shipping

Printful has a unique system for calculating their shipping costs, with fixed prices set per product category to simplify pricing.

During checkout, customers are presented with live shipping rates in order to ensure an easy way of creating the necessary label.

It is important to note that how fast products can be delivered depends on Printful’s printing and curing process speeds.

Integrations and eCommerce Platforms

A comparison of integrations and eCommerce platforms between Gooten and Printful

Integrating with leading eCommerce platforms can make running an online store easier. Gooten and Printful both offer integrations but have distinct differences to think about.

Gooten has a broad selection of items, including apparel and home decor. Their integration allows for easy product personalization using customer input like text or images prior to purchasing the item on your store’s platform.

On the other hand, Printful offers more limited products such as clothing only, but they do provide digital printing services that give you access to complex graphic designs which could add style points if used properly in any given project.

Gooten Integrations

Gooten can be tailored to your particular requirements by utilizing custom integrations. The API offered for this purpose gives users flexibility when it comes to coding these specific needs.

It’s also important to note that popular ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Etsy, are already compatible with Gooten, an advantage if those were the tools you intended on using anyway.

All in all, custom integration makes Gooten very versatile and a great option for businesses looking for more than what basic off-the-shelf solutions provide!

Printful Integrations

No matter which ecommerce platform you have set up for your online store, it is easy to connect with Printful thanks to its comprehensive integrations. From Shopify and Etsy to WooCommerce and Squarespace, there are plenty of options supported by Printful.

Having such a vast range of connectivity solutions makes everything much simpler when looking into connecting an existing storefront with this service provider.

Customer Support and Resources

A comparison of customer support and resources between Gooten and Printful

For sellers, Gooten and Printful both provide a range of customer service options to help with inquiries. These include helpful FAQs. To live chat, emailing support reps as well as the ability for customers to reach out through phone callbacks.

All these methods make sure that any issues are addressed promptly and effectively so that there can be smooth running operations across all services provided.

Gooten Support

Gooten offers customers various support options to address their needs, including live web chat and email assistance as well as a Help Center for self-service resources.

The latter contains useful guides about reprinting orders, policies regarding product/order help and the option to submit requests for Aid.

Printful Support

Printful provides comprehensive customer support that goes beyond just phone and email. They offer a free onboarding program to get new store owners started, to live chat service.

Printful maintains an educational blog which contains handy advice for shop proprietors with tips on running their business effectively.


In the end, it all comes down to your individual company needs and preferences when deciding between Gooten and Printful.

Gooten provides reasonable rates along with a wide range of products through its multitude of providers. While, Printful offers consistent quality due to its in-house production services plus warehousing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gooten free?

No extra charges and no secret fees: with Gooten, you only have to pay when a customer places an order. It’s totally free of charge!

There are absolutely no hidden costs involved in any purchase or transaction made through the platform.

What are the core differences between Gooten and Printful?

Gooten provides a connection between businesses offering products and the print providers, while Printful is solely responsible for production.

Which platform offers better pricing?

Gooten offers more competitive prices, making it a better choice in terms of cost. Its pricing is advantageous and can be beneficial to those who use it.

What customer support options do Gooten and Printful offer?

Both Gooten and Printful offer assistance through live chat, email contact, and in the case of the latter, phone support as well. For those who prefer to figure things out on their own, Gooten also provides self-help resources.